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According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first pediatric dental visit by age 1. Establishing a “dental home” at an early age provides an opportunity for positive dental experiences and the prevention of tooth decay. In recent years, the incidence of childhood cavities has increased significantly, with approximately 20 percent of children age 2, and 45 percent of children age 4, developing cavities! Dr. Miles Mazzawi (Dr. Miles) and Dr. Anthea Drew Mazzawi (Dr. Drew), the doctors at Cherokee Children’s Dentistry in Canton, are dedicated to helping children develop good oral health habits at an early age — and to making the experience fun for the whole family.

Board-certified pediatric dentists Dr. Miles Mazzawi and Dr. Anthea Drew Mazzawi have a passion for dentistry and for children. Their practice, Cherokee Children’s Dentistry, takes a “mom-and-pop” hometown approach to pediatric dental care — developing one- on-one relationships with their patients and their families. “We value our patients and enjoy spending time getting to know them,” says Dr. Drew. “It’s important to develop a rapport with our patients so that they trust and feel comfortable with us.”

As pediatric dentists, Dr. Miles and Dr. Drew completed a two year residency program in pediatric dentistry after four years of dental school. During their residency, the doctors undergo additional training in child psychology, behavior management, growth and development, dental trauma, restorative dentistry, orthodontics and preventive care. In addition, as pediatric dentists, they are qualified to perform conscious sedations and work with special needs patients.

Dr. Miles and Dr. Drew work closely with parents to create a “dental home” based on a fun, positive approach that teaches children the importance of caring for their teeth. “We encourage parents to keep things simple and take a positive approach when preparing kids for their first dental visit,” says Dr. Miles. “We relate to children on their level, using kid-friendly words they can understand, making them feel more comfortable in the clinical setting.” For example, cavities are called sugar bugs; fillings are called stars; and numbing methods are called sleepy juice and happy air. “If you make it fun for kids, they will get excited about taking care of their teeth. By developing good habits at an early age, they are likely to carry that into adulthood.”

The office of Cherokee Children’s Dentistry was designed with a child’s experience in mind. From the kid-sized door to the colorful wilderness murals throughout, the office captivates young children from the start. The reception area delivers a large play area with toys, children’s books, video games and cartoons. “I’ve always loved the outdoors, so I thought it would be fun, here in the north Georgia mountains, to bring the outdoors in,” says Dr. Miles. The wilderness theme carries over into the different areas of the office, which also features overhead TVs and headphones for patients to enjoy. “As soon as children walk through the door, they see other kids having fun and playing and this helps them feel at ease” says Dr. Drew. “We try to make the whole process enjoyable from a child’s perspective.”

The personal, hometown care at Cherokee Children’s Dentistry also extends into the community. Dr. Miles and Dr. Drew support a variety of local charities dedicated to children. Recently, Dr. Miles was awarded the winning trophy in the Cherokee County Service League’s “Dancing for Children” fundraiser, which helped raise approximately $50,000. All proceeds from the event go directly towards helping address the unmet needs of children in Cherokee County. During Children’s Dental Health Month in February, Dr. Miles visits local schools, talking to approximately 3,000 students about proper oral hygiene and healthy eating habits. “With many of our patients, the relationship begins in the schools,” says Dr. Miles. “Introducing children to dentistry in a fun, familiar setting often makes the kids excited about their dental visit. Parents have told us that their children came home from school talking about ‘sugar bugs’ and wanting to come see the dentist!”

Patients and residents of Cherokee County recognized Dr. Miles and Dr. Drew’s community outreach and personal, hometown care by voting Cherokee Children’s Dentistry “My Community Favorite” for the past 4 years in a row! “Word-of-mouth referral is the best advertisement for any business,” says Dr. Drew. “Being voted ‘My Community Favorite’ is a testament that parents feel confident in bringing their children to us and that we’re providing the quality care they want for their family.”

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